Residential Painting

Residential Painters in Toronto

We love making your home a welcoming, warm environment. We have transformed so many homes in Toronto since we began, that we have lost count! A simple paint job can make such a huge difference. From ultra-modern to contemporary, we have a colour consultant on hand to help solidify your colour choices.

At Element Painters we know how stressful it can be to have to trades in your home. We are considerate to the fact that whoever you hire will be in your home for an indeterminate period of time, and that's why we make the process transparent, and communicate with you throughout to put you at ease. From the first phone call or email to signing off on your completed project, you are always in the loop.

With extensive experience in painting homes in Toronto, we can guarantee you that there isn't much we haven't seen before. From fabric backed paper that you just can't remove, to moldy basements that need more than a blast of bleach. Element Painters provides you with a detailed quote based on the initial site visit. Once you have looked it over and agreed to work with us, we set a date to sign a contract and confirm colour and paint choices. We will advise you on the best products by the most suitable paint manufacturer. During this meeting we will set a start and end date and commit it in writing. Any special considerations you want to tell us about should be done as soon as possible. We are pet friendly and have even been known to hold a cat or two!

Interior Painting

When we first arrive at your residence we go over any questions that have arisen since our last meeting. We can then begin to set-up our work area for the day. We don't spread out leaving a trail of drop cloths in our wake. We limit our work to a reasonable area, so you can continue to live comfortably in our presence. At any point you can change your mind and add things that you may have missed in the intial walk-through. We will issue a change order detailing the changes and the price difference. It really is as simple as that.

On completion we will perform a final walk-through with you to ensure that everything is performed to our highest standards. And that's it! You have just hired the best Toronto Painters to complete your project, and it paid off.

Paint Specification

There is a paint for every surface out there now. We don't slap on any old paint and cross our fingers. What works in a living room, won't necessarily work in a bathroom. If you have had problems with paint adhesion in the past we will advise you on the possible causes and work with you to address them. Have you purchased a home and inherited a paint job from the 70's? We will test for lead paint and discuss your options to remove it or cover it safely. Oil paint but you don't know on what walls or trim? We can test that and convert it to latex paint. Do you want a high gloss sheen on the cabinet doors in your kitchen? We will remove the doors and take them to our studio to spray them, returning to install them again once cured. There are so many different scenarios and with our experience painting homes in Toronto, we know we can help you.

Exterior Painting

When the weather changes from biting cold to bearably warm, we at Element Painters start to clean off our extension ladders and consider scaling heights again. A lot of painting companies in Toronto don't take on certain exterior painting projects. We aren't afraid of heights and we know how to climb safely and tie off so you don't come home to a painter lying on your lawn! Safety is paramount to us. We will not venture up a ladder or enter a scissor lift if we feel it is not safe. We have worked on many different homes in Toronto that have required a more thorough planning stage prior to starting to cover all angles in a safe manner. We don't rush and we don't skip out on steps in order to move on to the next project faster. If we don't feel we can get to your eavestrough on the third floor safely we will tell you at the outset. I'm sure you can get another painter to but it may not be worth the risk or the potential insurance claim.

A lot of old houses in Toronto have been neglected for many years and it's imperative that the right preparation is performed, and the correct paint is applied. You want it to look pristine for many years to come, and we, at Element Painters, can deliver. Old cracked and peeling paint doesn't do your home justice. We spend the majority of our time on exterior projects, scraping, sanding and priming failing areas, ensuring maximum adhesion of the finish coats. From concrete brick to aluminum siding, we know the right paint to use for longevity and durability.

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