Project Spotlight

Tea Shop 168 & New Generation Sushi, Toronto, ON

  • June 2015

Project Description

This project was relatively straightforward. Rent a scissor lift, prep, prime and paint the galvanized steel crown moulding. The most important part of a project like this, located in a high traffic area such as Bloor St West, is to not impede pedestrians and limit inconvenience to the businesses surrounding us. We started at the crack of dawn and continued late into the evening to ensure limited disruption. The work itself was free of any complications. Scrape and sand for adhesion of primer. Prime with a corrosion resistant coating and paint with historic colours from Sherwin Williams Heritage Collection. Another successful project completed by the most diverse painters in Toronto!

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  • Project Scope

    • Adequately prepare the surface for coating system to be applied
    • Choose historic colours to match existing colours
    • Prime and paint
    • Ensure businesses below were not impeded by our presence
  • Client:

    Tea Shop 168 and New Generation Sushi, Toronto, ON