Project Spotlight

Nando's - Burlington, ON

  • July 2015

Project Description

We were hired to paint a pattern directly onto the concrete floor of the dining area at the new Nando's location in Burlington, ON. Certainly not the easiest task but one with which we embarked upon with great gusto! The trickiest part was the layout. No one piece of the pattern was the same. Nevertheless we got the pattern to match up to the design and could begin to apply the paint. We used Sherwin Williams Armor-Seal in a variety of colours as specified. A smaller area at the entranceway used 5 different colours transitioning into a dark brown. The resulting effect is spectacular and leaves quite the impression. A rewarding project for Element Painters and a great learning experience. We are the most technically diverse painting company in Toronto and beyond!

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  • Project Scope

    • Create patterns based off the blueprint design
    • Place and trace the pattern directly onto the concrete floor
    • Paint with Sherwin Williams Armor-Seal Treadplex coating
    • Work night-time and weekends to cause the least disturbance during construction
  • Client:

    Nando's - Burlington, ON