Frequently Asked Questions

We believe that no question is a stupid question. Which is why we have put together an extensive list of frequently asked questions for you to read. If you don't get the answer you are looking for on this page, then shoot us an email, and we will do our best to answer it for you. We are the best Toronto painters because we care enough to keep you informed.

Our quotes cover everything discussed during the estimate. We give you a detailed list of all areas to be painted including the type of preperation involved. All of our quotes include labour and paint unless otherwise stated. We remove all hardware, replacing on completion. Garbage is moved off site once the project is completed. We dispose of empty paint cans leaving leftovers for you in the future.

A colour consultation usually takes half an hour to an hour, depending on the scope of the project.

We have both Personal Liability Insurance and we are registered with WSIB.

Once we have signed the contracts and confirmed the colours to be used we agree on a starting date. When we arrive we spend the first day setting up. Once set-up is completed we can begin to prep all surfaces ready for the finish coats. We work efficiently to ensure there is little disruption to your regular schedule. Prep work is the most labour intensive part of an interior project. We make sure all surfaces are clean of contaminents and dents before touching a paint brush. Floors are taped if needed and furniture is covered. Only when the surfaces are free of defects are we ready to begin priming. Depending on the contract we apply two coats of finish coat in the chosen colour(s).

Depending on the surface and the condition it is in we start by prepping everything first. If it has been painted in the last five years with good quality paint and proper prep work underneath then our job is easier. If however the previous paint job is failing for whatever reason the majority of the project will be prep work remedying the problem. Sometimes a power washer is brought in to blast away dirt from brickwork which promotes proper adhesion of the top coats.

A change order is issued when there are changes to the scope of the original contract. It covers anything that arises after the quoting process and usually once work has commenced.

When you are getting quotes for your project it's easy to forget things when one contractor arrives and remember for the next. That's why it's best if you make a list of the areas to be included in the quote. Keeping the details consistent is key to getting an accurate and competitive quote. Things that can affect the final quote are paint, prep work, workmanship and level of service.

We do have commercial references. We have some valued clients that are happy to show you our workmanship on request.

We do provide warranties. The length of the warranty is determined by many factors, which will be outlined in your contract.

The simple answer is no. You will be dealing with employees of Element Painters only.

We will provide an estimated start and end date, as agreed upon, in writing.

We do serve the Greater Toronto Area. We have gone as far north as Durham County.

The simple answer is no.

We have tried practically all eco friendly labelled paints on the market in North America. We have our favourites that our team are happy to work with and consistently produce nice results. If you have a brand that you want to use on your project just let us know during the estimate.

VOC is an abbreviation of Volatile Organic Compound. Volatile Organic Compounds are organic chemical compounds which have high vapour pressures, causing them to vaporize into the atmosphere. While various things are constantly vaporizing into our atmosphere, volatile organic compounds pose as major problems to both our indoor and outdoor environment. The American Environmental Protection Association found that the levels of several types of common VOC pollutants can be from 2-5 times higher inside than outside. An example of the detrimental affects of high indoor VOC levels can be seen with “Sick Building Syndrome”

Due to Canadian weather we have a short window of time to complete exterior projects. The usual exterior painting season begins in April and ends in October. The temperature can drop to 2 degrees celsius before it's considered too cold. It is best to paint when there is low humidity and little or no wind to prevent paint contamination during application.

Preparation is key to a long lasting paint job. No matter how good your top coat is, it's never as good as the surface beneath. Surface defects need to be levelled. Dirt and grime have to be cleaned. Stains need to be sealed and the list goes on. That's why your quote will include a detailed list of the prep work involved in your project for you to better understand.

If the prep work is done properly and the surface beneath is in a fine condition an exterior paint job can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

Greying is a term used to describe the damage done by the weather. A brightener can remedy this before applying a new coat of stain.

Your deck can be peeling for a variety of reasons. The previous stain applied may not be of the highest quality. Your deck may not have had the time to age properly prior to putting on the stain. Exotic woods that are more commonly being used for decks may not like certain deck stains.

Just like you would keep you floor clean in the house. Get rid of debris that builds up in the corners, removing all leaves and other particles. Wash the deck according to instructions we provide.

A toner has a slight tint to it compared to a semi-transparent stain that comes in a variety of colours to complement your home. Toners protect the wood from splitting and warping and have some UV protection. A semi-transparent stain pentrates the wood protecting it more so from UV rays than a toner. It also has the added benfit of lasting longer compared to a toner.

HVLP spray guns (High Volume Low Pressure) are a useful piece of equipment for doors and cabinetry in your home. When using a HVLP spray machine we work in our studio to ensure overspray is contained, returning and installing the parts once cured. Airless sprayers come in useful when the home is empty of furniture and belongings as it's necessary to tape everything not receiving a coat of paint. Particularily econmical for exterior brickwork and siding. Drying time is reduced when using an airless sprayer. We will advise you of the best route to completing your job during the estimate.

It would be prudent to leave your walls for a month a painting. If something does get on the fresh paint sooner, give it a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.

A flat sheen is suitable for ceilings and low traffic areas. An eggshell or satin is perfect for all walls including the kitchen and bathroom. A semi-gloss is suitable for trim, doors and in some instances walls. High gloss is perfect for cabinetry, front doors and furniture.

Leftover paint should be properly sealed prior to storing in a cool place like a basement. We ask you to keep leftover paint not only for touch-ups but to help out in the future when identifying what went where.

We ask you to move anything precious like artwork and antiques prior to work commencing. Anything that is left over should be moved to the center of the room ready for us to use plastic and sheets to protect it.

No we don't charge for any estimates.

If the project is only accessible on the weekends or after 6pm we can accommodate you.

For latex paints it's usually safe to assume it's touch dry in two hours. Exterior drying times vary widely due to the humidity, temperature and the surface the paint has been applied to.