Project Spotlight

Kibo Sushi - Toronto, ON

  • May 2015

Project Description

We were hired by Kibo Sushi on St Clair West in Toronto, Ontario, to design and execute an exterior mural at their new location. Never one to turn down an interesting project we went about creating an awesome rendition of The Great Wave. Our version had a nice twist by turning the fishing boats into sushi boats! Once the design was approved we began to grid and layout the concept on the building. With the grid-work in place we could block out the colours and fine tune the placement of the lettering. Using vibrant colours and bold outlines the mural looked impressive and garnered much attention from passers-by. It took roughly a week to complete and Kibo Sushi was more than delighted with the final result. . Another project done right by the best Toronto painters.

More Work
  • Project Scope

    • Design and execute layout of exterior mural and lettering
    • Outline and paint the lettering
    • Work with the clients throughout sharing input and ideas
    • Complete project on time and on budget
  • Client:

    Kibo Sushi - Toronto, ON