Project Spotlight

Deck Repainting - Leslieville,Toronto, ON

  • June 2015

Project Description

This was one of those nice projects that has minimal issues and is smooth sailing from start to finish. We were hired to revamp the front porch of a lovely home in Leslieville. The coatings that were on it already had failed in spots and had seen better days. After locking down a contemporary colour scheme we could begin to prep. Caulking had been applied where it shouldn't be applied (everywhere!) and that could've posed a problem had we not dealt with it properly and prevented future coatings from failing. I love a dark grey pretty much anywhere, so the finished project looked fantastic. Two thumbs up from our clients and another successful project completed by Element Painters in Leslieville!

More Work
  • Project Scope

    • Work together with our clients to find the perfect monochromatic colour scheme
    • Address issues that had arisen from previous paint jobs
    • Perform prep work to ensure longevity and durability of the finish coats
    • Complete project on time and on budget
  • Client:

    Residential Client, Leslieville, Toronto, ON