Project Spotlight

Withrow Ave, Riverdale, Toronto, ON

  • June 2015

Project Description

We started our business solely doing residential repaints. As Element Painters expanded it's client base, the sectors we serviced also grew; so it's nice to do a simple painting project like this. The clients had recently finished renting out part of their home and wanted it clean and decorated in their style. The palette was simple whites in various sheens, going for the Scandinavian feel. The tenants hadn't left it in the best shape, so the majority of this project involved plaster repairs, cleaning and priming. Some previous coatings were failing due to improper paint selection, so we addressed that with the right primer and removal of the old coating where neccessary. The only pop of colour was on the staircases, and it was a rich burgundy in a modern satin finish. All in all it was a smooth process from start to finish and a nice return to residential repaints for us.

More Work
  • Project Scope

    • Clean, scrape, sand and prime
    • Colour test various whites in different lighting and rooms
    • Plaster repairs and nail hole filling
    • Complete project on time and on budget
  • Client:

    Home Owner, Withrow Ave, Toronto, ON