Project Spotlight

Windermere Ave, Bloor West Village, Toronto, ON

  • Winter 2011

Project Description

We are used to getting some interesting projects that require out of the box thinking and this one was no different. Our clients wanted to replicate the grain in their newly purchased doors installed throughout their home. The first task was to fine tune the base colour. Once applied, another coat in a darker shade was lightly smoothed on top of the base. Once dried we could start tracing out lines and knots to mimic the natural grain in the doors. We made a custom tool to drag and feather the paint, allowing us to have more control during application. The final steps to completing the transformation, was to lay down a glaze mixture and work with it to finish the look. We used a quality polyurethane in a satin finish to seal in our hard work. A thoroughly unique project which produced incredible results. We proved once again why Element Painters are the finest painting contractors in Toronto!

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  • Project Scope

    • Indentify the correct base colours and grain
    • Create and use custom-made tools to recreate the grain
    • Clear coat with a top quality polyurethane
    • Complete project on time and on budget
  • Client:

    Home Owner, Windermere Ave, Toronto, ON