Project Spotlight

John Ferrigamo Custom Designs - Toronto, ON

  • 2007 - Ongoing

Project Description

There's no finer businessman in my eyes than John Ferrigamo at John Ferrigamo Custom Designs in Toronto, ON. We have worked together practically since the inception of Element Painters. He has been so loyal to us over the years, and we in turn have provided him with elite service, as we do to all of our clients. John's awning was the first one we repainted and it has been revamped two times since then, as recently as 2015. One year he wanted us to refinish his exterior wood and we obliged. It was a hard project, mainly in part because of the volume of foot traffic. We performed most of our work early in the morning (too early!) or on the weekend. Needless to say the end results speak for themselves. Other projects have included repainting the interior of his establishment, and soon we will be completing fine detailing on his exterior.

More Work
  • Project Scope

    • Remove existing vinyl lettering and clean canvas surface
    • Paint in a vinyl safe colour for the first repaint
    • Strip existing lacquer and stain off of exterior wood trim and door
    • Apply stain and polyurethane lacquer coating
  • Client:

    John Ferrigamo Custom Designs - Toronto, ON