About Us

We are professional. courteous. respectful.

Painting companies, often-times, don't get the best rap. We can throw around all sorts of reasons why. But we, at Element Painters, don't care about the other guys. We just care about you. We want to provide the best painting experience, full stop. We don't worry about our competition. Our work speaks for itself as do our faithful clients, who call us year after year for more projects.

Who We Are

Element Painters was established in 2007. We were one of the first painting companies in Toronto to exclusively use eco friendly products. In the early days the choice of eco conscious products was small, and the quality was hit and miss. As time progressed, and demand for good low/no voc paint increased, we were able to offer our clients only the best in interior and exterior coatings. We tried paints on our homes before spec'ing it on clients quotes and using it on their projects. Now you will find low/no voc paints being used on most job sites without a second thought.

Another factor that seperated us from the rest is our prep work. Having seen so many homes ruined by shoddy preparation, it didn't make sense to us to not do it right the first time. We explain to our clients that a good part of our work, especially exteriors, involves prep work. The minutiae that makes or breaks the effectiveness and durability of the finish coat. We have travelled around and seen some of our earliest projects and they still look great.

Looking forward, we have so many wonderful clients who keep us busy and propel us forward. With Element Painters expanding it's services and growing, the future looks bright.

Our Project History